Feeling Blue


The way I have left you guys hanging, I can't even apologise I feel like that's not even enough. But I am really sorry. To be honest my MIA behaviour is due to not having someone to take my pictures when I want them. I need to invest in a tripod and a remote, seriously. Anyways so can I just start off by saying that I now have a favourite colour, I'm in love with blue. I could honestly say before I never had a favourite colour until I discovered blue. It gives me life. First dress was worn on my birthday (october 1st) is from Missguided. Had a cocktails night with some great company. Second dress is from Nasty Gal, sorry my awkward pose but the dress is short in the front and a little bit longer at the back. I wore it to a friend's engagement party. 

Now let's talk heels, they are both from Windsor Smith. They are my newest babies and they give all my outfits life. The first ones are not as comfortable but I survived, the second pair are great and if you are looking for the strappy heel sandals look but don't want to go through the pain then I suggest the second ones. They are beyond comfortable. I kept my jewellery simple in both looks, cause the dresses & heels did the talking you guys. I hope you guys enjoyed my little update, I won't make any promises but I will try my absolute best to update more consistently. Thanks for dropping by x

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