Two for One


Dress: Tempt Leather Jack: JayJays* Bag: Asos Necklaces: Sportsgirl 
Blazer: Bardot Heels: Windsor Smith Boots: Tony Bianco Sunnies: Sheike

Wow, this has become so foreign to me, like I haven't uploaded in over a year, YES A YEAR and then some! Where do I start, to be honest I ran away, I wasn't feeling myself and my courage just disappeared. I was also not sure where I wanted to head with my blog in terms of style, seeing so many blogs some of them have a style that is so consistent and I felt the pressure to have my own. I've come to the conclusion that I have no specific style, I wear what I want and that's my damn style. Truth be told I missed uploading..don't know if the few that stuck around (thank you) missed me though, haa! I'm happy to be back and this time it's for good. I might delay a little bit but that's cause the struggle of having someone take my pictures is so real but by fire or storm, I'm determined to deliver.

Let's get into the real business, this dress is currently doing me justice..I've worn so many times and heck it's still cute. I've shown you guys how I would wear it casually and how I would transform it with a sexy pair of heels and some nice statement necklaces and because of that, I've left all other jewellery simple. And with blazer or a leather jacket to dress it down. I live in Brisbane, Queensland-the sunshine state and the it's about to be winter but it's not even serious here compared to Melbourne for example. We can get away with dressing lightly like this, that day was quite warm actually. I secretly love layering though so, some days I wish for really cold weather. I just need to move to Melbourne, really. I hope all of you that are still here have been well and all those that pass by, stick around I have so much more goodies lined up. Also share with me your blog, I love interacting and getting some inspiration, tinytee xo

*that leather jacket is so old but I'm sure you can find something similar

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